May 11, 2009

Movie Night

In honor of Mother's Day, for my Mom who loves movie night. Although not usually with a tray of wine. I liked the pink & green color scheme and really wanted a reason to use the new Plan Toys furniture I bought. The Aztec tv is a little clunky but I liked the idea that these people have a HUGE tv. I also kinda like the polka dot room as a the living room as a change too. 

I'm still working on theses tricky camera angles and lighting, obviously. 

The couch, ottomans and tv stand are Plan Toys. The side tables are from the Target block set. The sideboard is Room By Room Bathroom cabinet, thanks to callsmall for the cabinet flipping idea. 


  1. Really nice setup! I love the colourscheme and the furniture is awesome, especially the table! Is it also by Plan Toys?
    And the dog is so cute!

  2. You will be succesfull with the fotographie, I'm shure. The very best thing in my opinion is daylight. Fully sun.

    I love the table too. Now I realized why I make so much furniture of my own: I saw such nice tables, sofas and so on and was aware, that I have not enough money to buy it soon.
    But this wonderful table I will be unable to rebuilt. So I hope I can buy it some day.
    Best wishes from Germany

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  4. The table is from a Lil Bratz furniture set called Stylin' Spaces. It comes with a chaise, a bookcase, this table, a rug, two pillows, candles, a mirror and a phone! I found my set on ebay for about $8.

    Since I don't really have any mini people that fit the Lundby this little pup makes it into alot of my scenes.

  5. wow. i LOVE the kitchen and bedroom. i also like the color scheme of the living room. I really wish my kitchen looked like that one, so crisp and clean! Keep up the good work.!