May 27, 2009

Please Mister Postman

This is either some karmic retribution for something heinous I did eons ago or a life lesson in patience. My Kaleidoscope is finally here, except it's not. I came home yesterday, certain that after suffering through the three day weekend it would be waiting on my front porch. No such luck. I sulked to the mailbox, muttering under my breath, and pulled out a little peach slip saying my package was at the post office. Sweet! I could be there in under 5 minutes. Then I actually read the note that says, sorry, no dice, you can only pick it up after 8:00 am on Wednesday. 

So I work all day knowing when I get off I'm going to pick up my house. I leave work, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, get to my car, call my fiancee, tell him I'm on the way to pick it up at the branch on the card. He asks for the name of the branch, he googles it, but I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going so I only half listen. When I repeat the address I see in teeny tiny print that they are only open til 4:30. 


It's 4:40

Reluctantly I forge ahead hoping that maybe someone will take pity on me and still let me in. I drive to the main branch. It's still open! I go in, wait in line, only to hear "this isn't the right building, go two blocks down, take a left..." 

I stop listening. 

I eventually leave, completely dejected and drive home. I wrestle with asking the mailman to redeliver it. It is 90 degrees this week and the thought of leaving a plexiglass house on the porch in the heat is not appealing. On the other hand, I know I have no shot of being out of the office and to this branch, that might as well be in Russia, by 4:30. I resign myself to the fact that I will have to have it redelivered. 

I start to fill in the form, which is a cross between swearing on a Bible and retaking the SAT, so that my house will finally be here waiting for me, and it says since my signature is required I have to pick it up in person. 

Meaning I wait until Saturday. 

I'm trading the Jetta in for a DeLorean. I'm pretty sure with a puffy vest and a flux capacitor I can make this work. 

Listening to: The Cat Empire - So Many Nights

May 25, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

So the Kaleidoscope isn't here yet and I may die waiting. I knew when it wasn't here Saturday I was in for a loooong weekend. Thankfully CallSmall posted some pics of her new Kaleidoscope so I could live vicariously. Fingers crossed it will be here tomorrow. 

To keep busy I made a new Stockholm setting. I like the kitchen / dining room idea but I wanted to separate the space somehow. I tried hanging dividers but it was kinda blah. So I improvised and made a makeshift fireplace. 

I am kinda proud of how this little wall turned out. In a very vague way it kinda reminds me of the ultra cool Paris Renfroe shelves...except nowhere close. 

The leather rug is a fabric swatch that I debated on cutting into straight edges, then remembered I can't cut a straight line so the zig zag stayed. 
The Wyeth painting isn't super mod but I like it. I probably could have changed the frame but it was glued on.  Also I'm a Christina so how could I not love Christina's World?

Listening to / Watching : Season Premiere Jon & Kate Plus

The goods: Kitchen appliances are Miele, fireplace and seats are Target blocks, kitchen shelf and wall platform are the doors from a Hobby Lobby fridge, Olive oil, cutting board, spatula and green tray are Rement, table is Ryan's Room, Vases, art, rug are eBay, espresso machine is Mighty World and little planter is lichen. Wow, I packed a lot in here. 

May 19, 2009

After two years of waiting...

The Kaleidoscope House

Coming THIS WEEK! 

I wish I was Rainman so I could count that down in seconds. 

Listening to: Chromeo - Fancy Footwork

May 18, 2009

Let there be light

I finally have a working light in a scene, it's a big day for me.  All I really wanted to do was work my new Rement orange cubes into a setting and it turned into this. I think I am the most proud of this setting so far. The company I work for had us all do this personality test to see what color we were today. Orange people are fearless risk-takers. I wouldn't know though, I'm a gold, for whatever that's worth. Guess I'm letting my inner orange out. Or maybe I was just able to lay my hands on a lot of orange accessories today. 

Listening to: Kings of Leon - Only By The Night

Since I always seem to listen to music while I set up scenes I thought it might be cool to add that too. Meh, we'll see. 

The stuff:
The orange tile wall is from the Mighty World Bakery Set. The make shift frames are cookie sheets from the same set. Couch and table are Bozart. Orange cubes are Rement. Little goldfish and Hermes bag were form a mini show in town. Finally, the black planter and chair are things my fiancee made for me.

May 16, 2009

Finally, some art for the walls

My Rement room set made the journey from Asia to my front porch. I really wanted it for the white laptop like my MacBook. I may try to take a Mac screenshot to cover the Windows desktop that's on there. It's all about the details, right? 

There are a few things I am especially proud of in this post. The painting was a Christmas gift from my fiancee. It's a miniature by a local artist that we have a lot of paintings by. The tv is my first mini find. It's a fridge magnet from a 99 cent store! I just cut out an ad picture for the image. If I do the screenshot for the laptop I might make a Lost screenshot for the tv. Finally, the desk rug is a cotton round. 

May 14, 2009


I bought four of the white Re-Ment Cafe chairs off of ebay recently thinking they would make sleek dining room chairs. They are bigger than I thought, definitely closer to 1:6 scale and I can't think of any place I can use them. I'm sure someone out there could put them to good use so they are free to good home. :) 

If anyone would like to have them I can send them out this weekend.

Here's a comparison with a Bozart couch & table, a Reac chair, and an AG Mini table.

May 11, 2009

Movie Night

In honor of Mother's Day, for my Mom who loves movie night. Although not usually with a tray of wine. I liked the pink & green color scheme and really wanted a reason to use the new Plan Toys furniture I bought. The Aztec tv is a little clunky but I liked the idea that these people have a HUGE tv. I also kinda like the polka dot room as a the living room as a change too. 

I'm still working on theses tricky camera angles and lighting, obviously. 

The couch, ottomans and tv stand are Plan Toys. The side tables are from the Target block set. The sideboard is Room By Room Bathroom cabinet, thanks to callsmall for the cabinet flipping idea.