May 25, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

So the Kaleidoscope isn't here yet and I may die waiting. I knew when it wasn't here Saturday I was in for a loooong weekend. Thankfully CallSmall posted some pics of her new Kaleidoscope so I could live vicariously. Fingers crossed it will be here tomorrow. 

To keep busy I made a new Stockholm setting. I like the kitchen / dining room idea but I wanted to separate the space somehow. I tried hanging dividers but it was kinda blah. So I improvised and made a makeshift fireplace. 

I am kinda proud of how this little wall turned out. In a very vague way it kinda reminds me of the ultra cool Paris Renfroe shelves...except nowhere close. 

The leather rug is a fabric swatch that I debated on cutting into straight edges, then remembered I can't cut a straight line so the zig zag stayed. 
The Wyeth painting isn't super mod but I like it. I probably could have changed the frame but it was glued on.  Also I'm a Christina so how could I not love Christina's World?

Listening to / Watching : Season Premiere Jon & Kate Plus

The goods: Kitchen appliances are Miele, fireplace and seats are Target blocks, kitchen shelf and wall platform are the doors from a Hobby Lobby fridge, Olive oil, cutting board, spatula and green tray are Rement, table is Ryan's Room, Vases, art, rug are eBay, espresso machine is Mighty World and little planter is lichen. Wow, I packed a lot in here. 


  1. really beautiful and good ideas. I love most the fireplace.

  2. I liked the kitchen wall with the shelf!
    And the Wyeth painting went very well with the wall colour!

    Hope you get your Kaleidoscope house soon!

  3. Very nice! I love the espresso machine -- I have not been able to put my hands on a Mighty World Cafe set :( I know the wait for the K House must be killing you, but it's worth it! You will have so much fun working with it.

  4. Thanks guys, I love reading the comments, they make me feel like someone's actually reading this : )

    Oese - I hoped it came across as a fireplace, I am trying to build whatever I don't have out of those blocks. I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Hah!

    Pubdoll - You should see how much super glue ended up on my hand instead of that shelf!

    Callsmall - I actually bought the Cafe set just for the espresso machine since it looks the most like ours. I have used every bit of that set though, there's tons of useful stuff. I'll keep my eye out so if I come across one I'll send you the link.

    Modern MC - Your blog inspired me to start this blog, I'm so glad you liked it. : )

  5. (I pretend I'm Oese and answer this) It did come across as a really cool fireplace, and my children was thrilled when they saw it was made of wooden blocks!