May 18, 2009

Let there be light

I finally have a working light in a scene, it's a big day for me.  All I really wanted to do was work my new Rement orange cubes into a setting and it turned into this. I think I am the most proud of this setting so far. The company I work for had us all do this personality test to see what color we were today. Orange people are fearless risk-takers. I wouldn't know though, I'm a gold, for whatever that's worth. Guess I'm letting my inner orange out. Or maybe I was just able to lay my hands on a lot of orange accessories today. 

Listening to: Kings of Leon - Only By The Night

Since I always seem to listen to music while I set up scenes I thought it might be cool to add that too. Meh, we'll see. 

The stuff:
The orange tile wall is from the Mighty World Bakery Set. The make shift frames are cookie sheets from the same set. Couch and table are Bozart. Orange cubes are Rement. Little goldfish and Hermes bag were form a mini show in town. Finally, the black planter and chair are things my fiancee made for me.


  1. Congratulations with the working light!
    This scene is great! I love all the orange in this set up and the gold fish blends in perfectly:)

  2. it's a very good idea to use a tile wall like this. so it will be shure that there is no damaging of the wallpaper. I will find something else! It is a nice orange day! keep on telling us what music you hear.

  3. I love the orange fish in the orange room . . . even if it is a gold fish! LOL!! A very cool room!