May 16, 2009

Finally, some art for the walls

My Rement room set made the journey from Asia to my front porch. I really wanted it for the white laptop like my MacBook. I may try to take a Mac screenshot to cover the Windows desktop that's on there. It's all about the details, right? 

There are a few things I am especially proud of in this post. The painting was a Christmas gift from my fiancee. It's a miniature by a local artist that we have a lot of paintings by. The tv is my first mini find. It's a fridge magnet from a 99 cent store! I just cut out an ad picture for the image. If I do the screenshot for the laptop I might make a Lost screenshot for the tv. Finally, the desk rug is a cotton round. 


  1. Nice room! And so great to have a real miniature painting! Love the re-ment laptop (have four myself), the slippers and your creative use of the wooden blocks in the sideboard!

  2. I like the way you use the blocks too. And I like the color of them. Inspired by the foto you uploaded I orderd the so expensive brio blocks in black, white, pink and this wonderfull light green. I can't wait till they arrive.