Apr 28, 2009

Reason #4,892 to love Target

After seeing all of the amazing things other bloggers have done with wooden blocks I was dying to get my hands on some. The problem was this cool Brio set I had my eye on is about $35 after shipping. 
But on my last trip to Target I found these Circo blocks for $13! And the best part is I got to use them the same day, no shipping wait.

I was in such a rush to rip the package open I didn't think to take a picture while they were still in the box. 

I think the colors photographed pretty close to the original. The blocks are natural, white, a pale green (close to the Stockholm living room) and two hues of pink. Even if I only end up using a few of the pieces you can't beat 100 pieces for $13. Now if I could just get out of Target for under $20...

Apr 27, 2009

Making Minis

So about that great fiancee...

In my quest for realistic miniatures he's finally taken pity on me. After listening to me complain for what could only be the 1,000th time that good minis were next to impossible to find he suggested I try to make what I was looking for. Yeah, not so much. My woodworking frustration has left a half dozen unfinished dollhouses in our basement.  So to prove that it could be done he put together this super mod black chair. (The wingback is just for scale)

Knowing that right now I am completely "Lundby-headed" as he calls it, 
he made it
scale adjustable. With the back up it's about 1:12 scale & with the back lowered it's closer to Lundby size. I especially like the wood on the bottom. I'll be building a scene around it soon. 

Apr 26, 2009

AG Minis

I won an AG Mini's lot on ebay and thought I'd try to set the bedroom up. The blue polka dot headboard was a little too much with the wallpaper so I flipped it. I might try to change it completely but for now it works. 

The more scenes I set up the more I realize I am in dire need of accessories. I tend to have a lot of furniture but not enough accessories to make it believable. I also really need to dig and find something for the walls. 

So it's not much but it's a start. Oh yeah, remember those Lundby lights I bought? Well I completely forgot to get a transformer. So smart. Thankfully I have one of the smartest fiancee's ever to re-wire an adapter from the depths of the basement into a working Lundby transformer. How lucky am I? I'm off to add lights...stay tuned. 

Also, if anyone has any tips on how to get the lighting for the photos right I'd love the help. 

Apr 23, 2009

Guess what came in the mail?

My first set of real Lundby furniture was waiting on my porch when I got home! Thanks to the wonderful Shopping Sherpa I got such a good deal I was able to get both bathroom sets. I definitely want the kitchen set but for now the bathroom was a must have. Maybe because bathrooms get the short end of the stick in the modern department. (I mean honestly, who has a 5 inch thick wooden toilet seat?) Then again, maybe it's because my own real bathroom is at the very top of my remodel wish list. 

Jacuzzi set with super cool shower

Sink set - complete with world's tiniest toilet and my hand in the mirror

Oh yeah, I also bought the light set. Lundby owns me. 

Apr 16, 2009

Stockholm, Take 1

I can't lie, as soon as I wrestled the Stockholm out of the box I ran to pillage anything remotely modern from my other dollhouses. 

Apr 15, 2009

My Stockholm is FINALLY here...

and I am SO excited! I've been struggling to incorporate some sort of modern design into the cookie cutter houses that are out there for about three years now. All of the wiring and wallpaper and flooring were about enough to make me want to give up. More than anything I just wanted a great place to make some modern layouts. So I finally bit the bullet and ordered my Stockholm.