Apr 28, 2009

Reason #4,892 to love Target

After seeing all of the amazing things other bloggers have done with wooden blocks I was dying to get my hands on some. The problem was this cool Brio set I had my eye on is about $35 after shipping. 
But on my last trip to Target I found these Circo blocks for $13! And the best part is I got to use them the same day, no shipping wait.

I was in such a rush to rip the package open I didn't think to take a picture while they were still in the box. 

I think the colors photographed pretty close to the original. The blocks are natural, white, a pale green (close to the Stockholm living room) and two hues of pink. Even if I only end up using a few of the pieces you can't beat 100 pieces for $13. Now if I could just get out of Target for under $20...


  1. wow! these blocks are amazing! I want them. Have never seen such blocks in Germany - but now I will look for them. I have wooden blocks (inspired by other bloggers ;-) and sometimes try to varnish them, but they don't look so gleamy.
    Congratulations to your blog - I love it!

  2. So, I searched for these black and pink blocks and even in the official german online-shop of BRIO they wasn't! But I was succesfull in UK and - sigh - ordered them. So expensive! But they are just perfect for modern szenes.