Apr 27, 2009

Making Minis

So about that great fiancee...

In my quest for realistic miniatures he's finally taken pity on me. After listening to me complain for what could only be the 1,000th time that good minis were next to impossible to find he suggested I try to make what I was looking for. Yeah, not so much. My woodworking frustration has left a half dozen unfinished dollhouses in our basement.  So to prove that it could be done he put together this super mod black chair. (The wingback is just for scale)

Knowing that right now I am completely "Lundby-headed" as he calls it, 
he made it
scale adjustable. With the back up it's about 1:12 scale & with the back lowered it's closer to Lundby size. I especially like the wood on the bottom. I'll be building a scene around it soon. 


  1. So lucky you are to have such a nice handyman as a fiancee! The chair is really great!

  2. congratulations to your chair and to your financee!

  3. He could sell these---they're great! Wait, do I sound like Tony The Tiger? Hope not. Sigh.

  4. Could you imagine if I could convince him to start making these? I would keep all the prototypes. If that happens I'll send you all freebies. :)