Aug 4, 2010

Emerson Walkthrough

This house is hands down my absolute favorite. In fact, if I had to keep only one house, I would keep the Emerson over the Kaleidoscope. It's sturdy, it won't yellow in the sun, the real wood is beautiful and it's self lighting. I couldn't have designed it better myself!

The Great Room Check out the solar lights, even during the day they are nice and bright.
I love that the stairs are separate so they don't monopolize a room.
Even in bright light the fireplace is clearly visible.

And, of course, they are watching Project Runway : )

The Exterior

I'll have to scout out some cool patio furniture to make a roof top scene. This square looked more blue in the photos on the website. I kinda thought it was meant to be a pool but it seems more like a concrete patio in person. Still, very cool.

The second roof top area is a lawn. All of my patio furniture here is from Mighty World which runs a little small.

The last platform is for the solar panels. I have left my house near an open window for about a day and the panels seem to charge quickly. I love that there's no wiring to mess with and no cords to hide like the Stockholm.

No time to charge the panels? No problem! These guys have literally thought of everything. The house comes with 3 AA rechargeable batteries, pre-installed so you will always have light. Plus, since they are NiMH they'll work on any battery re-charger. They fit behind this sliding door right by the switch.
A few people have asked about the Flagstone. It's made of vinyl and it's similar to shelf liner. There's no embossing but it is still extremely life like in photos. Also, the house comes with plugs to cover all of the screw holes. They take a little finessing and I was pretty eager to set up scenes so that will have to wait. : )

The Study
This little room above the Great Room may be my favorite. It definitely has the most versatility. For now, I made it a study but only because I was dying to use the guitar, Pac Man and drafting table.

The Bathroom
I used Lundby bathroom furniture to show how the 1:16th furniture fits. Honestly, I think it accommodates 1:12 and 1:16 equally well. Sigh...perfect house!

The Master Bedroom
I made this bed myself in an attempt to make something close the Paris Renfroe bed I can't bring myself to buy. I've been wanting to use it forever so I'm happy to have finally found a great room for it.

The Dining Room

This is the last room I set up and it's pretty sparse. I found these drawer pulls at IKEA months ago. I think they are make great modern bench seating. So that's the tour! This house truly is something special and I know everyone that has a chance to own one will love it every bit as much as I do. I'd also like to say that the customer service from the guys at Brinca Dada is as wonderful as their products. I actually received an Emerson for my birthday last month from the few that were sent to FAO Schwartz. Sadly, it arrived badly damaged and I was heartbroken. When we notified Brinca Dada much to their credit they immediately made it right. In fact, their CEO Doug personally took the time to make sure we were satisfied. I could not be happier.

Why are you still reading this? Go to and get one too!

Aug 2, 2010

The Emerson Is HERE!

I know I haven't posted in forever but this is HUGE news. I finally received the Emerson and it is beyond amazing. Pictures and review to follow very soon. Until then here's a teaser of the retail packaging and a quick iPhone picture.

I plan to spend all night tomorrow doing a thorough review with pictures of every single thing so stay tuned!