Aug 2, 2010

The Emerson Is HERE!

I know I haven't posted in forever but this is HUGE news. I finally received the Emerson and it is beyond amazing. Pictures and review to follow very soon. Until then here's a teaser of the retail packaging and a quick iPhone picture.

I plan to spend all night tomorrow doing a thorough review with pictures of every single thing so stay tuned!


  1. Fun stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing more! :D

  2. Yeah!!!!! I CAN NOT wait for more pictures and details!!!! Have fun!

  3. Exhibition? What exhibition? I wanna see details of your new house!

  4. Lucky you, I want one too! I e-mailed Brincadada today and they said that they are not able to ship internationally just yet. And that they're working on it and expect to be able to ship in the next couple of months.

    The fireplace looks great!

  5. Yay! Dying to see it.
    Is the flagstone made of plastic? CM

  6. Ooh how exciting! Is that a "Reac" Eames lounger on the last photo?

  7. Thanks everyone, the review is up now with tons and tons of pictures. Then again if you're reading this you probably already know that.

    Pubdoll, good to hear from you again! It sounds like they have plans to ship internationally so that's a major plus. I hope for you, Oese, and others they do! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Hey My Realitty, the flagstone is kinda like contact paper. It's waxy but sturdy and it looks real even at about an inch away.

    Las manos de Sca, Ooooh, I wish I knew what language this was in so I could babelfish it. So I'll be safe and go with thank you :)

    Hey Justin, It IS a Reac Eames lounger. Good eye! That has to be one of the best mini investments I've made. I use it in everything. Even if it doesn't get photographed it's usually in the room at some point during the set up.

  8. Justin (Bristol UK)August 5, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    The Eames Lounge chair and ottoman is one of the most beautiful iconic pieces of furniture to come out of the 20th century along with Corbusier's lounger and Rietveld's red blue chair.
    I like this blog it's really inspiring as a designer. Keep up the good work!


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