Oct 27, 2009

Time for a Plan?

I have been eyeing this nifty little Plan Toys House on eBay this week. It doesn't look like it would take up a ton of space, a definite plus since the workroom is getting cramped, and I LOVE those panels. They give it a K House feel that works well with the light wood. I'd like to see how it works with 1:12 items though since I have the furniture set and it seems to run a little small. Anyone out there have this little jewel?

While window shopping on the Plan Toys website I also found this little house.

It's definately got a lot of potentional as well. Sure it's a little on the small side but it looks like it could be an interesting addition to the Green Dollhouse. Maybe a cabana or a Jimmy Neutron type lab... I kinda want them both!

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Oct 25, 2009

K House Redo

Or two in one day what...WHAT? :)

So I spent a little time in the work room today putting together two scenes. I debated on posting this one later this week since I start my new job tomorrow and knew I'd be too busy to post much of anything but everything was all done so, VOILA, two posts in one day!

I've been on a teeny tiny mini binge lately, see above re: new job, and have been trying to use all of my new stuff. This set up started as mostly trying to find a way to showcase the incredible work of Mini Modernista. You can drool over her amazingness here on eBay. Trust me the pictures don't do her incredible work justice.

As happy as know I should be with the K House I think I just got a lemon. As in Lemon Yellow. I've mentioned before it was not as pictured so I am doing my best to make lemonade : ) Thankfully my wonderful guy spent a few hours today helping me fit a faux (removable) floor in the great room. I think it's a wonderful thing. It camouflages the discolored floors - God knows I was running out of rugs - and kinda gives it some realism.

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The Stuff:

  • The Fantastic, Amazing, Can't-Say-Enough-Good-Things Mini Modernista - Design Within Reach Sofa, Ribbon Lamp
  • Bozart - Sculpture, Kitchen, Orange Table Base (Adler Vase), Black Urn, Vases in Firepit (Adler Vases)
  • Reac - Black Desk Chair, White Eames Chair
  • Re-Ment - Potted Desk Plant, Laptop, Mug, Magazines, Magazine Rack, Table Lamp, TV, Remote, White Chimney Art (Platter), Dishdrainer, Kitchen Soap, Divider Screen
  • Streets Ahead - Desk (sold as dresser)
  • Mighty World - Espresso Machine (Part of Bakery Set)
  • Misc buys - Potted kitchen plant (in Rement container), Bonsai Tree, Rug (Fabric Sample), wine, TV stand (Hobby Lobby Fridge - flipped a'la CallSmall ;-) )

One Bed Two Ways

I wanted to see if I could find a reason to work this pink chaise in to a setting. I liked this bed so much from my last post I used it again. For some reason I really like the pink and green color scheme in the polka dot room.

When my Ryan's Room coffee table arrived it was missing a leg so I improvised and used the legs from the dining room table to turn it into a desk.

I also REALLY hated the squiggly legs on this AG minis desk so I revamped it. Maybe I should have called this the deconstructed dollhouse blog because I am forever taking things apart to repurpose them.

And at night

With a sneak peek into the next setting : )

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The Stuff:
  • Rement - Side table, Bubble Clock, Mug, Panda, TV and stand, lava lamp, magazines.
  • AG Minis - Red Bottle, Bookshelf (sold as a desk), Green Bottle
  • Lil Bratz - Chaise, Diso Ball, Bed Stand, Boombox
  • Loving Family Dollhouse - Plaid Pillow
  • Bozart - Pillow Headboard, White Pillows, Pink and Green Squiggle Pillow, Bed
  • Reac - Black desk chair
  • Ryan's Room - Desk (sold as coffee table)

Oct 15, 2009


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Liza for showing some of my setups on her blog Postcards from Coloroado. She's done an amazing job of showcasing modern minis and I am so flattered that she included me.

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Oct 12, 2009

32 people....

That's more than the people in my everyday life that even know I have dollhouses! When I first started I didn't know if anyone would even see it. Then I got the first comment and I was hooked. Even 6 months later I still hit refresh to wait for the first comment after I post. So keep 'em coming. Let me know what you like, what you don't or what you'd like to see more of. : )

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Oct 10, 2009

I'm back

I went upstairs to take a picture of the new workspace. The Kaleidoscope was sitting there empty so I couldn't resist setting up a quick scene. Plus I had two or three new things from summer that I hadn't used yet.

I have to admit my Kaleidoscope arrived more yellowed than it looked online. It's a little challenging to get the look I want but I still love the house.

Oh yeah, one other thing, all of these should be enlargeable...I think that's a word. : )

Listening to: The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love

The Stuff:
  • Kaleidoscope accessories Bed, headboard, Adler vase and purple sculpture
  • Streets Ahead - Yellow velvet pillows, Dresser, White Vase
  • Fisher Price Dollhouse -Green Pillow
  • Ryan's Room - Lucite wall hanging (Dining Room Table Top)
  • Rement - Green Tray, Plant on dresser (inside Adler vase), Magazine Rack & Magazines
  • Hobby Lobby - Mirror, Lichen, scrapbook wall quote, blue books
  • Lee's Line - Baskets
  • Mighty World - Entire Breakfast in Bed set up