Oct 27, 2009

Time for a Plan?

I have been eyeing this nifty little Plan Toys House on eBay this week. It doesn't look like it would take up a ton of space, a definite plus since the workroom is getting cramped, and I LOVE those panels. They give it a K House feel that works well with the light wood. I'd like to see how it works with 1:12 items though since I have the furniture set and it seems to run a little small. Anyone out there have this little jewel?

While window shopping on the Plan Toys website I also found this little house.

It's definately got a lot of potentional as well. Sure it's a little on the small side but it looks like it could be an interesting addition to the Green Dollhouse. Maybe a cabana or a Jimmy Neutron type lab... I kinda want them both!

Listening To: Foo Fighters - Wheels


  1. I love the panels on the first house! The windows reminds me a bit of the futuristic style of the seventies. It sure seems like a house one could have lot of fun with!

  2. I considered buying the first house in multiples for use as storage shelves in my dollhouse room, but never went forward. Yes, I have always wanted to experiment with the space. It once was on display at the SF MOMA shop and it seemed large enough for creative 1:12 arrangements. We have the second house--belongs to my oldest. It is cute and I never thought about using it as an addition to the Green Dollhouse. It's very small but maybe there are possibilities...

  3. I hadn't seen this Plan Toys house until you posted about it. Perhaps it hasn't reached Australia - or Australian ebay - yet. I love the curving lines and the coloured panels - definitely one to look out for. Thanks :-)