Oct 25, 2009

K House Redo

Or two in one day what...WHAT? :)

So I spent a little time in the work room today putting together two scenes. I debated on posting this one later this week since I start my new job tomorrow and knew I'd be too busy to post much of anything but everything was all done so, VOILA, two posts in one day!

I've been on a teeny tiny mini binge lately, see above re: new job, and have been trying to use all of my new stuff. This set up started as mostly trying to find a way to showcase the incredible work of Mini Modernista. You can drool over her amazingness here on eBay. Trust me the pictures don't do her incredible work justice.

As happy as know I should be with the K House I think I just got a lemon. As in Lemon Yellow. I've mentioned before it was not as pictured so I am doing my best to make lemonade : ) Thankfully my wonderful guy spent a few hours today helping me fit a faux (removable) floor in the great room. I think it's a wonderful thing. It camouflages the discolored floors - God knows I was running out of rugs - and kinda gives it some realism.

Listening To: Devendra Banhart - Baby & Devendra Banhart - Lover (long post)

The Stuff:

  • The Fantastic, Amazing, Can't-Say-Enough-Good-Things Mini Modernista - Design Within Reach Sofa, Ribbon Lamp
  • Bozart - Sculpture, Kitchen, Orange Table Base (Adler Vase), Black Urn, Vases in Firepit (Adler Vases)
  • Reac - Black Desk Chair, White Eames Chair
  • Re-Ment - Potted Desk Plant, Laptop, Mug, Magazines, Magazine Rack, Table Lamp, TV, Remote, White Chimney Art (Platter), Dishdrainer, Kitchen Soap, Divider Screen
  • Streets Ahead - Desk (sold as dresser)
  • Mighty World - Espresso Machine (Part of Bakery Set)
  • Misc buys - Potted kitchen plant (in Rement container), Bonsai Tree, Rug (Fabric Sample), wine, TV stand (Hobby Lobby Fridge - flipped a'la CallSmall ;-) )


  1. Nice touches! The floor looks really good -- does it come up easily? My K house has some dings as well...it was well-loved by army guys and crayons!! I like the use of the Adler vase as a table, and the mini modernista items look fabulous. I have my eye on a few things :)

  2. woah! I loved looking at the pictures of your K-house! its stunning!
    Love the floors! great sofa! lovely detail :-)

  3. Love the floor, it makes the K house look even better! I also love the Mini Modernista furniture and lamp! And I haven't seen that little bonsai tree before - fabulous!

  4. Your blog is wonderful..keep at it! The bonsai is terrific.

  5. Thanks CallSmall! The flooring is actually has a paper backing so it lifts right off. It's not adhered to the K House floor at all, that would send me into to full blown panic attack. :)

    PS - Did you see your shout out in this post? LOL

  6. Thanks Natalie, I'm so glad to have another person that leaves such nice comments. I wasn't sure about the floor change since it goes against the stock K House but seems like it kinda works. That's the best part of blogging to me is having you all to bounce ideas off of.

  7. Wow Pubdoll - now THAT is a compliment! : ) I got the little bonsai at this great miniature shop about an hour away and I was so psyched because I'd never seen it. Turns out it's on eBay! Oh well still a great find. I'll post a link for it since that little guy is getting some major props.

  8. Doris - this post is all you, I just supplied a backdrop! : )

  9. you have such a good eye for fotographs - I like the way you use your camera. And of course I like your wonderful furniture, but my favourite is the floor.

  10. The Mini Modernistas furniture lokks soooooooooo good! Love the white hanging lamp!!!! More2view

  11. Better late than never. I love the floors! I might have to borrow that idea for my K House, the rugs just don't seem to cut it. I've been using craft paper to cover the tacky stickers that it came with, but your wood floors look much nicer.

    Mini Modernista is on my wish list, the room just looks fabulous. Oh, how did you hang the ribbon lamp? I'm a little freaked as well to attach anything to the K House, so I'm curious how others are doing it.


  12. Hey Mini Dork (love that name btw), I hear you on the K House apprehension. I don't think you can quite see it but I put a thin piece of wood from the far back corner to under the second floor railing and then attached the lamp to that with mini wax. I only left it hanging long enough to take the pictures. :)

  13. :) Too funny. Great idea for temporary placement. I just set up this room (I'll post photos tonight hopefully) but I'm still having issues with lighting. I LOVE how well lit and colorful everything is. Kudos on your camera work!