Oct 10, 2009

I'm back

I went upstairs to take a picture of the new workspace. The Kaleidoscope was sitting there empty so I couldn't resist setting up a quick scene. Plus I had two or three new things from summer that I hadn't used yet.

I have to admit my Kaleidoscope arrived more yellowed than it looked online. It's a little challenging to get the look I want but I still love the house.

Oh yeah, one other thing, all of these should be enlargeable...I think that's a word. : )

Listening to: The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love

The Stuff:
  • Kaleidoscope accessories Bed, headboard, Adler vase and purple sculpture
  • Streets Ahead - Yellow velvet pillows, Dresser, White Vase
  • Fisher Price Dollhouse -Green Pillow
  • Ryan's Room - Lucite wall hanging (Dining Room Table Top)
  • Rement - Green Tray, Plant on dresser (inside Adler vase), Magazine Rack & Magazines
  • Hobby Lobby - Mirror, Lichen, scrapbook wall quote, blue books
  • Lee's Line - Baskets
  • Mighty World - Entire Breakfast in Bed set up


  1. Welcome back, you have been missed!
    Well done to make a set up with such beautiful natural colours in the Kaleidoscope house, even though it's yellowed. Love the baskets on the shelf, the dresser and the green pillow!

  2. Yeah! Glad you're back :)
    I always love seeing pictures of the kaleidoscope house! and your scene is lovely!

    I like the soft colours, and the way you used the different pieces and accessories! its such a serene clean design ;-)

  3. hello and welcome back from me too. I like this scene, everything matches perfect. but I like most the dresser. it is from streets ahead? I googled it, but didn't found a good online-shop. perhaps you can help me? I would like to get these dresser too.
    so now I'm looking forward to your "work" in your new workroom. did I mentioned, that I'm envious???

  4. Thanks guys! Now that I've done this scene the workroom is a mess so I'll have to reorganize it before taking pictures. Oese, I bought the dresser from eBay UK and it came in a box that said Streets Ahead Dollhouse but it may have been a recycled box. It was a pretty good deal, about $8 I think, and it's small enough to fit in any room. I'll see if I can find a link for one similar for you. : )

  5. Hey PetiteNouveau!

    Lovely to have you back putting scenes together. I really like this room! That dresser is Streets Ahead Dollhouse. It can be found on the Minimum World site by searching for "DF984".

    My Kaledoscope House is starting to yellow. It's hard to move it away from the window though because it does so many wonderful things with the light. I've decided to live with it.

  6. I love this bedroom, petite nouveau. I am doing a little post about miniatures... may I include a photo from this bedroom?

  7. Hi Liza - You can most definitely add it - in fact you asking is the highlight of my day. : )

  8. The bedroom is lovely!!! It's what I would want to have on real size!!