Mar 22, 2010

Just What I Needed

I am probably the last mini-lover to post on the jaw-dropping, modern prayers answered, wonder that is the Emerson House but I had to officially say how thrilled I am that this is just around the corner. Sleek, contemporary design, open floor plan, RECESSED LIGHTING??? This must be karma patting us on the back for weeding through all the re-hashed Victorian furniture to find anything close to cool. Check out the Brinca Dada website if, like me, you can't wait and feel the need to pre-order.

P.S. How Sims are those lamps? :)

Listening to - Humming Just What I Needed - The Cars

Mar 18, 2010

All work and some play

So this has pretty much been my life for the past few months, work stuffed into nooks and crannies, papers spilling out of binders, caffeine within arms reach... no wonder that's what came to mind. I also liked that this room is set up to work on a sweet mini dollhouse, courtesy of Oese.

Mostly this gave me a chance to break out some great things that I have been staring longingly at over the top of my laptop.

The Stuff:

MacBook, Wii - ebay find, Orange bookshelf - IKEA, White Sofa - AG Minis, Books, Pearl Jam wall art, awesome mini house, sofa pillows - swap with Oese, Green desk chair - Reac, White ottomans - Lundby, Orange floor lamp - Megahouse

Listening To: Campus - Vampire Weekend

Mar 10, 2010

Still Here! : )

My new promotion at work has kept me away from anything resembling a life but I am finally getting some free time again. I lurked and looked at some of the amazing things you guys have been up to and hope to be posting regularly again soon. Also, mini modernista has some fantastic new stuff that I'm getting so I'll definately have new set ups.

Also a special thanks to the Oese for the sweet Christmas card! :)