Oct 25, 2009

One Bed Two Ways

I wanted to see if I could find a reason to work this pink chaise in to a setting. I liked this bed so much from my last post I used it again. For some reason I really like the pink and green color scheme in the polka dot room.

When my Ryan's Room coffee table arrived it was missing a leg so I improvised and used the legs from the dining room table to turn it into a desk.

I also REALLY hated the squiggly legs on this AG minis desk so I revamped it. Maybe I should have called this the deconstructed dollhouse blog because I am forever taking things apart to repurpose them.

And at night

With a sneak peek into the next setting : )

Listening To: The Beautiful Girls - Bring Me Your Cup

The Stuff:
  • Rement - Side table, Bubble Clock, Mug, Panda, TV and stand, lava lamp, magazines.
  • AG Minis - Red Bottle, Bookshelf (sold as a desk), Green Bottle
  • Lil Bratz - Chaise, Diso Ball, Bed Stand, Boombox
  • Loving Family Dollhouse - Plaid Pillow
  • Bozart - Pillow Headboard, White Pillows, Pink and Green Squiggle Pillow, Bed
  • Reac - Black desk chair
  • Ryan's Room - Desk (sold as coffee table)


  1. I also think the colour scheme really works in the room! I often find those polka dots a bit challenging, especially because it's meant to be a bedroom. I love the chaise, the magazine shelf on the wall and the cute little panda!

  2. Thanks Pubdoll! I actually got the chaise in a Lil Bratz lot. I'm not too sure I'll use it again. It's a little too bold to work with the other things I have. If it's something you think you could use I'd be happy to ship it to you.

  3. Brilliant shelf!
    I wouldn't have known how to design the space to go with the wallpaper, but you've made it seem so effortless! its lovely!
    The last picture makes me want to curl up and go to sleep in the bed! its brill!

  4. I love the last foto with the view from outside. Only this view could be a reason for me to buy this dollshouse (when I will move in a bigger flat one day - perhaps).
    You are very creative with using items in another way that meant - I love it.