Jun 4, 2009

I'm gonna have to hire someone to take pics

Since the Kaleidoscope is still taking over the living room (man this thing is HUGE) the lighting situation is, well...rough. I need 5 hands to hold a lamp, angle the light, zoom the camera and press the button. Anyhow, I know the pics are lacking but I'm having fun with my Kaleidoscope. I may even re-shoot these once I move the house this weekend. 
For some reason, the ladders don't appeal to me. Not knocking em, but I kinda like it with this makeshift media center. 

Listening to: White Stripes - Icky Thump ( heh, maybe that's why it's red and white)

The stuff: Bed and pillows are Lee's Line, Ashtray, panda and coffee are Rement, Chair is Reac, Mirror and boombox are Lil Bratz and the silver grid wall art is a fridge insert that I got a little creative with. Oh and the wallpaper is Martha Stewart scrapbook paper.


  1. Das ist wirklich ein schönes Zimmer. Immer wieder neue Ideen!

  2. Nice set up! I like the wallpaper, it fit's the house and the scene perfect! The fridge insert looks really great, cool idea:) And the panda is so cute!
    That Eames rocking chair a friend of mine actually has in white as a lifesize chair in the nursery. It's perfect for breastfeeding or telling goodnight stories.

  3. My congratulations for such actual dollshouse!! The decorations is just outstanding!!!